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Will you sign this petition saying you REJECT a "vaccine passport" requirement?

Biden Has failed the nation in Afghanistan. His refusal to follow Trumps withdrawal plan has led to over 11,000 Americans in danger and 100's of deaths. We are calling for the resignation of Biden and General Milley. Sign the petition today.

Hold Senator Jake Corman Of PA accountable for his obstruction of The PA 2020 Audit

Walmart has been at the leading forefront in punishing there employees and customers for not being vaccinated. They were also one of the first business to force masks. Second on the list is Amazon. Amazon thrives off of third party sellers. Most people find there item and purchase without ever looking where there item is coming from. The majority of sellers on Amazon are located in china. Amazon promotes this while promoting the shutdown of small business here in America. Third on the list is Coke. The Coke company creates commercials showcasing and supporting illegal immigration. They spend money supporting illegal immigrants while refusing to hiring American citizens who have been here paying taxes there entire lives. Fourth on the list is Facebook, Facebook has become the king of anti free speech. According to a new report from Judicial watch. Facebook donated money in WI supporting ballot harvesting, meanwhile censoring anyone who believed the election was rigged. 5th on the list is Nike. The Nike CEO recently said, there company makes shoes for China in China. How anti American is that? Boycotting these companies is the only way to stop there anti American campaigns. Once we dive into there wallets, then maybe they will start to listen.

Businesses to boycott due to there involvement in anti American, anti christian rhetoric

Facebook - When using Facebook, I suggest turning on a VPN. VPN scrambles your location, protects your personal information, and stops Facebook's AI trackers from gathering your information and selling it for profit. Facebook's continued support of data collection and selling to foreign entities has led to an increase in Data breaches and credit card theft in recent years. I suggest downloading Proton VPN, they offer a free version and paid version. The Proton company created there products with free speech in mind. Unlike google, they offer Proton Mail which allows for a total encrypted email and safe data transfer. Gmail collects user data and again, sells it for profit. The best browser on the web for privacy is called Duck Duck Go. Unlike Google, they have 0 data collection, 0 location trackers, and has increased measures in place to protect you online from Big Tech.  


Businesses to boycott due to there involvement in anti American, anti christian rhetoric

Businesses to boycott due to there involvement in anti American, anti christian rhetoric

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